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What is the best Pablo Picasso painting ever made?

This is a list of the best paintings created by Pablo Picasso. Of course Picasso has made many great paintings, however everyone has its own favorite. Here you can vote for your favorite and watch the standings.

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Rank Painting Title Year Votes
1 Guernica Guernica 1937 3
2 Les Demoiselles d'Avignon Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907 0
3 Boy with a Pipe Boy with a Pipe 1905 0
4 Nude, Green Leaves and Bust Nude, Green Leaves and Bust 1932 0
5 Dora Maar au Chat Dora Maar au Chat 1941 0
6 The Old Guitarist The Old Guitarist 1903 0
7 Family of Saltimbanques Family of Saltimbanques 1906 0
8 Portrait of Gertrude Stein Portrait of Gertrude Stein 1906 0
9 Massacre in Korea Massacre in Korea 1951 0