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The Night Watch, Rembrandt van Rijn

The Night Watch, Rembrandt van Rijn
Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn
Year: 1642
Medium: Oil on canvas
Location: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Dimensions: 363 cm 437 cm (142.9 in 172.0 in)
The Night Watch is a painting by Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn created in 1642. It is Rembrandt's most famous and masterpiece work of art. The painting is also known under it's official title: The Company of captain Frans Banning Cocq and lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch preparing to march out. It hangs in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is known for it's enormous size (363 x 437 cm ~ 11 ft 10in x 14 ft 4in) and effective use of light and shadow. It depicts the company marching out under the lead by Captain Frans Banning Cocq (dressed in black, with a red sash) and his lieutenant, Willem van Ruytenburch (dressed in yellow, with a white sash). With the effect of light Rembrandt tried to lead the eye to the three most important characters, the two gentlemen and the small girl in the centre of the painting.